The Best Spanish Toys For Bilingual Babies

The Best Spanish Toys For Bilingual Babies
(Last Updated On: January 29, 2023)

We love our Spanish toys! To support our Spanish language goals at home I always try and have some Spanish or bilingual toys for my daughter to play with. Check out these top Spanish toys that we have in our home!

When I decided to raise my daughter with Spanish, I wanted to make sure that our house had a ton of Spanish resources. I was (and still am!) nervous that I may say something grammatically incorrect since I’m also still learning Spanish. So having as many other sources of Spanish as possible in the home was really important to me.

It was relatively easy for me to start our collection of Spanish books and music, since I was able to find a lot of that online and slowly grow our collection over time, but toys were a different story.

As my daughter grew older, she became more interested in toys and I knew that I wanted to be purposeful in what I bought her – making sure that any new toys would also support our Spanish language at home.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts on raising a bilingual child then you’ll know that there is a lot of research suggesting that your child needs to directly engage and interact with the target language. Spanish toys allow children to learn Spanish in a fun and interactive way and supplement any Spanish language work that you’re already doing at home.

While books and music are still the best ways to get interactive language learning in, making sure that their toys are in the target language is just one more layer that you can add to your day to make sure that they’re getting more engagement with Spanish!

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Here Are Our Best Spanish Toys For Bilingual Kids

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After a lot of research, reading reviews, testing out in stores, and thoughtful gifts from family, I was able to start a collection of bilingual toys for my daughter. The Spanish learning toys that I talk about in this post are all ones that we personally used in our home and had a positive experience with!

1. Melissa + Doug Spanish Letters Sound Puzzle and Melissa + Doug Spanish Numbers Sound Puzzle

What I like about them:

These puzzles were an awesome resource for my daughter. I got them for her when she was 18 months and she got a lot of use out of them! The Spanish letter puzzle is great for helping children with letter ID and sound recognition, both of which are important pre literacy skills.

When your child fits the correct letter into the puzzle, it talks saying the letter name and key word, “D dinosaurio”. The number puzzle is similar in that when you fit the correct piece into the puzzle it reads the number and the corresponding picture, “8 flores”. The puzzles worked great for us and really grew with my daughter.

2. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

What I like about it:

This is a super fun and interactive table that has a few settings. On the side there is a language switch where you can select English, Spanish or French.

We used our in the Spanish setting only. When we first used it, we used it without the legs and just laid it on the floor. That allowed my daughter to interact with it while being able to concentrate her strength on pushing buttons as opposed to standing. As she got more comfortable with standing, I added the legs back on and she used it as an activity table. It was a great way to encourage color and number awareness as well as the names a few types of instruments.

My daughter really loved Spanish toys that made music. To supplement our Spanish learning at home, I also played Spanish nursery rhymes whenever we were in the car or playing. Check out some great Spanish nursery rhymes here!

3. Picture Cards: Mudpuppy Spanish to English Flash Cards

What I like about it:

Spanish picture cards are a great way to introduce your baby to labeling. As they get to the point when they are starting to pronounce their first words, having objects that they can hold and manipulate are fun to use and identify.

The cards can also come off of the ring and be used to stack and play with in a variety of other ways. These were a great resource for very beginning words in Spanish and a fun toy for my daughter when she was a baby.

4. Edutab Children’s Learning Tablet and Phone

What I like about it:

This was a pack that was gifted to my daughter when she was around a year old. It was fun for her because it looked similar to my real phone and tablet which she always wanted to grab! There are two modes that you can choose from: Spanish or English. I obviously switched ours to Spanish mode all the time so that it was the only option. These were also cool because they had several settings that allowed her to play with them in a variety ways – number/letter recognition but also Spanish songs and phrases.

I will admit that the songs got irritating after a while of hearing them over and over and over again….but that’s true of all baby toys I think! This was another great option for a Spanish toy that grew with her as she maintained interest in it for a long while and was able to understand how to use the different settings as she got older.

5. Richard Scarry Busytown – Eye Found It!

What I like about it:

This game isn’t specifically in any language since there’s nothing to read during the game play, but it’s a great game to use to practice your Spanish language. The basis of the game is “I spy” where you select a card and try to find as many of that item hidden around the 6 foot game board as you can.

When we first got the game, I had to look up a lot of the vocabulary in Spanish since I didn’t know words like “hammer”, but it was a great way for us to practice some key Spanish phrases and learn new vocabulary.

This game was recommended to us and we bought it when my daughter was 2.5 years old. She picked it up quickly and it’s really aged well for our family.

If you’re looking for more board games for younger kids, check out this list of Spanish board games for kids under 7.

6. Cali’s Books – Spanish Sound Books

What I like about them:

Spanish nursery rhymes are a great way to encourage language and these sound books provide just that! We were gifted a 2 pack of these Spanish sound books and my daughter has really enjoyed them. Each book is hard cover and pretty durable, which is great for little hands.

Not only does each section include a nursery rhyme with the Spanish lyrics, but it also includes an interactive button that plays the song. Quality interactive sound books with Spanish language have been really hard for me to find, so I was excited when we finally got these ones. They hold my daughter’s interest for a really long time and give her exposure to Spanish language – win/win!

If you’re interested in buying the 3 Spanish sound books that they offer, you can use this code to get 10% off your order!

7. Spanish Board Books

What I like about them:

As always, some of the best bilingual toys that you can give your child are books and music. Reading books to your child is a great way to bond with your child, while also developing pre-literacy skills and Spanish language. Similarly, nursery rhymes can also have a huge language impact on your child and are a great way to engage your child with the rhythm of the language. I found that interactive books were the best to get for my daughter since it held her interest for so long and promoted active engagement!

This is a great nonfiction book about the body. It has tons of real life images of babies and toddlers which my toddler loved!

Touch and feel book! My daughter loved this touch and feel book for parts of a fire truck. Lots of good sensory parts and real life images.

Another favorite interactive book is a Karen Katz lift the flap book. My daughter loved this and many other Karen Katz books as well.

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8. Kitchen and Wordy the EnSALADa

What I like about them:

My daughter has loved her toy kitchen for years now and it’s one of the toys that gets the most use in our home!

While the kitchen itself is simple and made of wood, some of the play food that we have is labeled in Spanish and English. The Spanish labels make this a great open ended learning toy that also works on Spanish vocabulary!

9. Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards at Home

What I like about it:

This is a fun and interactive Spanish game that has enough variety to be played again and again! As a non-native speaker, one of the best parts of this game is that it comes with full sentences and prompts in Spanish, so that parents can have the Spanish already translated for them.

I also like that the prompt on the bottom of the card requires further interaction from your kiddo and the game isn’t simply to find something. It’s sturdy and has lasted through many rounds of play!

I’ve been playing board games with my daughter since she was 18 months old- it’s such a great way to develop language skills and critical thinking skills! Looking to start playing with your kiddo? Check out our favorite beginner games here!

10. Baby Alive Step ‘N Giggle Doll

What I like about it:

We actually don’t have this doll because my daughter was afraid of talking dolls lol However, we have a family friend who has this and they’ve really enjoyed this.

One of the best parts of this Spanish speaking doll is that you can set her to “Spanish” or “English” – she doesn’t first speak in English and then repeat the phrase in Spanish. This allows you to make the choice to only have her speaking in Spanish if you’d like. Also, there are several options for the design of this doll. You can choose from a variety of hair/skin tone combos so that you can make it relatable for your family.

Spanish toys are a great gift for a bilingual family or for a family that’s looking to start on their bilingual journey. As a non-native Spanish speaker, I was so grateful for all of the Spanish language toys that helped support my daughter’s Spanish learning at home because they helped develop her Spanish language skills in an interactive and supplemental way.

Let me know which ones you liked in the comments!

Happy Learning!

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