Bilingual Kids: Spanish for Ages 3-6

You’re raising a bilingual kid- awesome!

There are so many benefits to raising your child to be multilingual and there are lots of great resources available. Here are some recommended resources for you and your bilingual kid.


The best way to learn a language is by interacting with it! Spanish toys and games are a great way to build engagement and hands on Spanish learning.

Inside: Check out our top 10 favorite Spanish board games to play as a family!


Spanish shows are a great place to start with kids. There are so many options for listening to shows in Spanish that are high interest and they provide great exposure to a new language.

Inside: This post talks about the importance of looking for nonfiction shows/resources to boost the depth of your child’s Spanish vocabulary. We love the beautiful filmography of “If I Were An Animal…” and the Spanish narration.
Inside: This is a Netflix show that my daughter loves! We started watching “Puffin Rock” when she was three and she still enjoys it today. Lots of great Spanish language narration and cute themes.


Learning Spanish is always more fun when you have regular resources coming in that make Spanish relevant in your life. Learn about the engagement that comes from having a Spanish subscription service!

Inside: Check out these awesome Spanish classes by HomeSchool Spanish Academy – all classes by native Spanish speakers!


Podcasts are another great way to immerse your kiddo in Spanish. Podcasts are engaging, use native Spanish and are perfect for on-the-go.

Inside: This is another great Spanish language podcast for kids. This is less of a radio show and more of a site that shares short stories a few times a week. Check out how we use, “Contando Cuentos” en Radio 5.
Inside: This is our all time favorite Spanish language podcast! It has great cultural information and is engaging for a wide audience. Read about “La Estacion Azul De Los Ninos” en Radio 5!


Books are another wonderful way to introduce your child to a new language. They’re engaging, informative and provide so much new vocabulary!

Inside: Our top picks for interactive books in Spanish for kids- over 10 Spanish books that keep kids engaged in reading.
Inside: Graphic novels are a great way to get your child engaged in Spanish reading. Whether they’re learning to read independently or enjoying books being read aloud, you need to check out this list!
Inside: Here are the very first chapter books that I read to my daughter in Spanish and our review of each one. Check them out!
Inside: To build the depth of our Spanish vocabulary, we need lots of quality nonfiction books. Take a look at our 4 favorite nonfiction book series here and see several other family favorites!
Inside: I’m always on the lookout to find books in Spanish to build our home library. Check out our review of Scholastic Book Clubs and see where else we find our Spanish books.
Inside: This site has been a huge part of my daughter’s early reading success. We love the level books and the great variety. Read more to learn about Reading A-Z.
Inside: Check out one of our favorites, “El Gato Que No Bajaba Del Sillon”! The rhyming and illustrations are perfect for Spanish language learners.

Books With Audio

Books with audio can provide you with so much language exposure, especially if you’re learning Spanish alongside your child. When you listen to a new language and follow along with the words that you hear you’re increasing your capacity for remembering the meaning of the words and learning the pronunciation of words that you see in print.

Inside: There are a few books is this series but, “Chato Y Su Cena” is our favorite! There is a so much rich Spanish language and the audio version is fun to listen along with.
Inside: The Spanish Experiment is a great way to listen to fun folktales told in Spanish. One of the best parts is that you can adjust the speed of the audio – perfect for beginning learners!
Inside: We have several audiobook series, but this one is a family favorite! The hard cover books have beautiful images from the movies and the CD’s come with music and voices from the original cast members of the Disney movie in Spanish. Read more about Disney Libros Y CD!


Listening to music in Spanish is important for training your ear to hear the rhythm of a new language. Singing in Spanish is also a proven way to help you memorize new vocabulary and phrasing!

Inside: Disney songs are some of the best Spanish language songs to start out with! The translation and level of Spanish vocabulary is perfect for young children learning Spanish. Read to see our list of the best songs!

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