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Hello! Welcome to my space about bilingual language learning at home!

Why I Started

When my daughter was born I decided that I wanted to raise her to be bilingual.

When I first started thinking about teaching my daughter Spanish, I realized that I needed to do something about my grammar. I hadn’t taken a Spanish class since college, 6 years before she was born, and my Spanish was minimal at best.

I didn’t want her to hear ‘grammatically incorrect’ Spanish, but at the same time, I was the only one who knew any Spanish at all. Who else could I get to talk to her so that she would hear correct Spanish?

Since I didn’t know anyone else who spoke Spanish I knew that I’d be the one talking to her the most and trying to teach her Spanish. I also knew that I needed to find ways to make sure that she was hearing a higher level of Spanish than I was capable of.

At the time that I was deciding to teach my daughter Spanish, she was 6 months old. So far I’d only interchanged a few Spanish words into my and stumbled through a few sentences here and there.

I wasn’t consistent in my use of Spanish and, since I’m a single mother living alone, felt weird trying to talk to my daughter in Spanish all day without really knowing if I was saying anything right at all.

I decided that I really needed her to hear other voices and to have a strong exposure to the language. I set to work researching all of the things that I could to help give her the most experience possible.

What I Found

When I first started looking for resources I spent so much time on the internet trying to sort through what was actually helpful and valuable for us to use.

I found so many stories and sites about families who use the “one parent one language” method, or hire a nanny to teach their child a target language, but there weren’t many stories that mirrored my own situation – someone who doesn’t speak Spanish like a native, someone who’s not Hispanic, someone who’s not in a spot to hire a nanny or pay for Spanish school.

I found a lot of resources for teachers and a lot of worksheets. I found information for adults who want to learn Spanish, but everything was focused on conjugating verbs and working through flashcards.

There weren’t stories that mirrored my situation – someone who wants to learn Spanish through language acquisition, someone who wants to be able to read it, write it, speak it and understand it well enough to raise a child to be fluent in it.

After months or researching I decided that I would use a collection of resources to help me learn Spanish at the same time as my daughter:

1. Spanish books

2. Books on tape

3. Podcasts in Spanish

4. Music in Spanish

5. TV in Spanish

Some of the resources I’ve found…

  • Christmas Activities In Spanish
    Learning Spanish through themes is one of the best ways to make language learning concrete and what better theme that the Christmas holiday season! With Christmas activities for kids in Spanish, you can build Spanish language time into your day. Christmas is a holiday that 
  • Spanish Books With Sound Buttons
    When I first started learning Spanish with my daughter, I was always looking for resources that had Spanish audio. As a non-native Spanish speaker, I needed ways for my daughter to be able to hear native, fluent Spanish. One of the best resources that I’ve 
  • The Best Spanish Gifts For Bilingual Families
    Holiday season is upon us and it’s time to start thinking about gifts for those Spanish speakers in our lives! Spanish gifts are perfect for friends learning Spanish, Spanish teachers, and Spanish speakers that you know. As an aspiring Spanish speaker, I have received a 

What This Website Is For

This site is called, “Becoming Bilingual” for those who aren’t already fluent in another language but want to be.

For families who are looking to raise bilingual or multilingual children and want to start their language learning journey.

The posts that I include are on a variety of topics:

1. Quick and easy Spanish activities to do at home.

2. My favorite resources for Spanish learning like books, music, podcasts, and shows.

3. Tips and information about raising bilingual children as a non-native speaker.

This is my own personal blog – a guide to help you get started on your language learning journey and to show you some resources that can augment it. It is meant for sharing resources, information and encouragement in a non judgmental way.

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Where To Begin

If you don’t know much Spanish and want some ideas for how to start teaching it to your children, I recommend reading these posts first:

How To Learn Spanish in 1 Hour A Day (With Kids)

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Once you have a basic plan and are looking for some quick and easy Spanish activities to do, I recommend reading here:

Language Learning Guides

If you have already started some Spanish learning at home and are looking for resources to augment you and your families Spanish acquisition, use the links at the top to search for resources at your child’s age.

Here are some of my favorites:

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Sneak More Spanish Into Your Day With This Adorable Show

An Awesome Spanish Picture Book To Use Right Now

Through constant immersion, I was able to bring native Spanish language to my daughter and my own Spanish took off.

It’s been four years since we’ve been practicing Spanish together and my daughter is currently fluent in both Spanish and English and I am right behind her!

I hope that you enjoy the content and keep in touch!

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