3 Charming Nursery Rhymes To Boost Your Baby’s Spanish

3 Charming Nursery Rhymes To Boost Your Baby’s Spanish
(Last Updated On: February 12, 2021)

I’ve already talked about the importance of nursery rhymes in language development for children- but nursery rhymes are so important and such a great way to boost language and literacy, that I’m coming at you with another post!

The last post about nursery rhymes included many great songs that were for daily routines, to use around the house to embed more Spanish into the day and to help your kiddo get a feel for the language.

Many of the nursery rhymes on Little Baby Bum and other sites are traditional English songs that have been translated into Spanish.

This can be great for families looking for translations of song that their toddler already knows in English.

It can also benefit your Spanish language acquisition since you’ll already know the meaning of the words and the tune of the song, you can focus on building vocabulary and rhythm.

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Today’s post is about a site that is completely in Spanish and that is geared towards Hispanic families- guiainfantil.com.

Guia Infantil

Guia Infantil is a Spanish guide for new parents and families. It includes resources about pregnancy, education, health and entertainment.

You’d want to be able to read a fair amount of Spanish yourself to navigate their site as it is entirely in Spanish, but the songs are easy enough to find on YouTube!

I primarily used this site for it’s wonderful collection of traditional Spanish nursery rhymes, though I have found other useful tips and resources on their site. It’s definitely worth browsing around and seeing what they have!

These are not the songs that you may have heard growing up and I had certainly never heard, “Tengo Una Vaca Lechera” before coming to this site, but now it’s a family favorite!

Their collection of nursery rhymes is under “Oso Traposo” which is the cartoon bear that is in many of the animated videos that they have on YouTube.

When I first started listening to these songs, my daughter was too young to watch animations, but we enjoyed the high quality versions of these traditional songs and the slower speed of the lyrics. Here are some of our family favorites:

1. Tengo Una Vaca Lechera

This is a popular Spanish nursery rhyme and if you follow other Spanish sites or song books, you’ll certainly see it there!

We have since heard other variations of this song, but this one is still our favorite! It’s great to sing along with and has some interesting Spanish vocabulary that you probably won’t come across in other Spanish readings and song 🙂

2. Los Pollitos Dicen Pio Pio Pio

This is a cute and popular rhyme that we’ve also seen many other places. It’s often written as a poem and our family even has a board book adaptation of the lyrics. I’ve also seen Spanish preschool teachers embed this into farm units or animal units.

3. Cu Cu Cantaba la Rana

I’ve actually heard several variations on the lyrics of this song, but we enjoy this one just as well. This is a classic Spanish nursery rhyme and there are a lot of alternate lines that we’ve heard added on to the end of the song.

Try a few nursery rhymes to listen to and see what your child likes. Singing them will help both you and your child get a feel for the language and help to build a foundation for learning more Spanish!

Happy Learning!

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